J.E. Charlotte Construction Awards Contract to Mullet’s Aluminum Products, Inc.

J.E. Charlotte Construction Awards Contract to Mullet’s Aluminum Products, Inc.

There has been a growing trend to incorporate sustainable and energy efficient products that provide buildings with an environmentally friendly and responsible design. The net result is better operating efficiencies and a more earth friendly facility.

In keeping with this trend, J.E. Charlotte Construction recently awarded Mullet’s Aluminum Products, Inc. a contract to fabricate and install anodized aluminum sunshades above window openings at the Penn Station complex located just north of the SarasotaBradenton International Airport in University Park of Commerce.

“Not only do sunshades look great and enhance the exterior of a building, they serve a very practical purpose by significantly reducing the amount of sunlight that radiates down on window openings which reduces the amount of energy required to cool the interior space.” says Jeff Charlotte, Founder and President of J.E. Charlotte Construction. “Sunshades are a great addition to any new or existing facility and Mullet’s Aluminum has the expertise to fabricate these structures. We are pleased to have them involved on this project.” The new Penn Station complex consists of a series of office and retail buildings that incorporate a modern design with a total 61,500 square feet.

Founded in 1978, Mullet’s Aluminum is an award winning company that specializes in providing quality building products and superior installation services to the residential, condominium and commercial markets. The company has 213 full time employees and 5 business divisions; Windows & Doors Division; Metal Roofing Division; Pool Cages & Enclosures Division; Railing, Gates & Fencing Division; and Gutters, Siding & Soffit Division.

Mullet’s Aluminum is a privately held company with corporate headquarters, manufacturing and fabrication facilities located in Sarasota, FL.

For additional product and service information, call 1-877-MULLETS, email info@mulletsaluminum.com or visit www.mulletsaluminum.com

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