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Commercial Railings

Mullet’s Aluminum has received the prestigious Aluminum Association of Florida’s Award of Excellence every year since 2007 in recognition of its quality railing and miscellaneous metals projects.

We manufacture and offer several types of railing systems ranging from:

  • Welded aluminum vertical picket railing
  • Welded aluminum horizontal picket railing
  • Welded aluminum mesh panel railing
  • Welded aluminum decorative railing
  • Numerous styles of glass railing
  • Stainless steel cable railing
  • Mechanical railing with fasteners

The railing systems fabricated by Mullet’s Aluminum are custom-made and handcrafted to exact project requirements.

Choose from our vast selection of standard railing profiles, or provide us with your design inspiration. Our team can create a quality railing system that meets your project requirements – within budget and timeline.

Each railing system is site-specific engineered to meet precise project requirements, Florida Product Building Code, and carefully handcrafted for a quality result.

Aluminum Railings

Recognized as the industry’s leader in welded aluminum railing systems, we offer numerous options:

  • Welded aluminum vertical picket railing systems
  • Welded aluminum horizontal picket railing systems
  • Welded aluminum mesh panel railing systems
  • Welded aluminum decorative railing systems
  • Custom-designed aluminum railing systems 

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Stainless steel cable railing provides an elegant and attractive addition to any property while providing safety and long-range views. Our most common stainless-steel cable is type 316 with a 7×7 woven cable. All the stainless-steel cable railings are custom fabricated to length, with the fittings carefully placed onto each cable to ensure maximum strength and performance.

Glass Railings

Glass railings are a very popular option for condominiums, resorts, office complexes, and restaurants. Featuring laminate glass panels for exterior applications, glass railing systems are available with post-supported (most common), clamps, point-supported, or base “shoe” options. Commonly selected for their unobstructed views to maximize long-range views or to highlight a particular architectural feature or point of interest, glass railing systems provide an elegant option for your home, office, or commercial space. Choose from numerous design styles or work with our team to develop a glass railing system that is unique to your project requirements.

Mechanical Aluminum Railings

This is the least expensive option available, however, it should be noted that there are limited applications, paint finishes, colors (white and dark bronze), and warranty options available. In addition, a mechanical railing system is assembled with screws and fasteners, and is typically not suitable or recommended for a coastal installation. This is a basic railing system for basic railing installations.

Finish Options

The American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA) has written performance guidelines for the application of coatings on architectural aluminum products.

There are four (4) primary coating guidelines;  AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604, AAMA 2605, and AAMA 611

Each of these specifications elevates the performance, and they are commonly thought of for their requirement for salt-salt spray tolerance and sunlight protection.  The degree of color and gloss loss is different, with the AAMA 2603 having a relatively modest standard and the AAMA 2605 having the highest performance standard.

The AAMA 611 is an anodic coating that is used for exterior building structures and other products that must withstand continuous outdoor exposure.  Anodizing is a chemically etched process and is more resistant – however, depending on how long the item is submerged – the finished project is subject to some color shading differences.

Installation Options

There are several installation options available. The most common is a “core-bore” installation which typically involves coring out a shallow, round hole in the masonry deck to accommodate a railing post. These railing posts are then epoxied into place.

Another common option is a “surface-mounted” installation which involves a flat base plate mounted onto the bottom of the railing posts and then anchored to the balcony deck. This is most commonly used in balcony applications that have a wooden deck.

And finally, a side-mount installation involves attaching the railing post to the face of the balcony using fasteners.

Site-Specific Engineering

What does Site-Specific Engineering mean?

In Florida, products must be tested and approved for use in project applications. Florida Product Approval and Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) are the most common tests. The Florida Product Approval allows products that have undergone testing to be installed (with the exception of Dade County) throughout Florida. Dade County has its own testing protocol.

However, due to some products’ complexity and customization requirements, it is not always feasible to test every product. A Florida-licensed engineer can review and authorize/approve products for use in applications. This is commonly referred to as “site-specific engineering.” For all products, railing systems manufactured and installed by Mullet’s Aluminum are site-specific and engineered to meet Florida Building Code based on the existing conditions.