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Commercial Aluminum Trellises & Pergolas in Sarasota, FL

A welded aluminum trellis or pergola is an excellent addition to any commercial property. They are aesthetically attractive, provide shelter from intense sunlight, and are known for their long-term performance with minimal maintenance requirements. Aluminum trellises are a practical solution that can add beauty to any office park, resort property, or other commercial environments.

Whether selecting a basic design or opting for scalloped, ornamental, or rounded ends on the beams, an aluminum trellis can serve as an oasis, gateway, or decorative feature for your commercial space.

If you’re looking to add a custom aluminum trellis or pergola to your commercial project, trust Mullet’s Aluminum. As one of the largest architectural aluminum manufacturers in the Southeastern U.S., Mullet’s Aluminum provides aluminum trellises and pergolas for commercial projects such as parking garages, office buildings, educational establishments, and much more.