Condominium: Railings

For condominiums – both new and existing – the selection of railing options are numerous ranging from welded aluminum, glass, cable to mechanical (assembled with fasteners). For a complete overview of standard railing options that Mullet’s Aluminum offers – click here.  

For exterior glass railing systems, the typical maximum span width is 4’ and Florida Building Code requires a laminate glass panel.  Interior glass railing systems can use a tempered glass panel.  All railing systems in a condominium must meet a 200 lbs load requirement, open spacing of less than 4” and minimum height of 42”.  

There are multiple finish options available including PPG KYNAR (recommended for coastal applications), ESP (recommended for inland properties only) and Anodized.  

There are also multiple installation options available including core bore, side-mounted and surface mounted.  

Price will vary considerably depending on the style, installation requirements, access and finish options.  All railing manufactured and installed (or supplied) by Mullet’s Aluminum is site-specific engineered to meet Florida Building Code and local municipality requirements.  

ritz carlton condominiums with white aluminum railing and pergola

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings are probably the most common railing system installed at condominiums throughout Florida.  However, understanding the difference between “mechanical” railing, “tack and weld” or “punched” railing and actual “welded" aluminum railing systems – and ultimately – the types of finish options that are available – is crucial for long-term performance and investment.  Also, understanding the different installation options that are available and how they may or may not be applicable to a condominium property is important.  Our team of experts can help guide you through this process to develop a cost-effective and long-term solution for your condominium property.  

Glass Railing

Glass Railings

Incredibly popular for both new condominiums and as a replacement option for condominium associations who wish to update their property or have long-range, unobstructed views.  Mullet’s Aluminum has numerous glass railing options available or can work with you to design an option that meets your project requirements.

Condominium Steel Cable Railing

Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Over the years, stainless steel cable railings have become increasingly popular for condominium properties.  However – although extremely attractive - it is not appropriate in every application.  Let the team at Mullet’s Aluminum assist with reviewing your project to provide assistance and guidance – based on actual project experience and as a manufacturer – so that you can make an informed decision that is specific to your condominium project. 

Mullet's Aluminum Railing Products


Railing Products

Looking for CAD drawings, specifications, or just a gallery of the various types of railing products Mullet's Aluminum has to offer?