With over 15,000+ residential pool cages installed along Florida’s West Coast since 1978, MULLET’S Aluminum Products, Inc. is the region’s leading expert in providing quality screen replacement services, screen enclosures and pool cage installations.


Mullet’s Aluminum can replace an original anodized pool cage or old-fashioned flat-roof pool cage with a handsome pre-finished vaulted enclosure in white or bronze that significantly expands the volume of the outdoor living area and dramatically increases the sense of spaciousness.

If there are obvious signs of rust on beams, screws or connectors, it is important to replace them. This ensures that the screen enclosure or pool cage will be properly anchored and secured and eliminates unsightly rust spots or connection points. We use Ultra-stainless fasteners for pool cage and screen enclosure installations to ensure superior durability, product integrity and beauty.

Each pool cage and screen enclosure offered by Mullet’s Aluminum is engineered to withstand significant wind-loading and is designed for maximum performance under adverse conditions, while at the same time adding beauty and style to outdoor living areas. All installations are completed with the finest enclosure products, fasteners and connectors to ensure that the result is as aesthetic as it is functional.

Mullet’s Aluminum will pre-assemble certain areas of pool cage and screen enclosures at the company’s fabrication facility prior to installation. This permits maximum attention to every detail in a controlled, easily accessible environment and helps to expedite the installation process. In addition, customers seeking an accent element that will provide a one-of-a-kind look for an enclosure, such as a regional element, can create their custom design and Mullet’s will build it.

From dramatic vaulted pool cages to quaint screen enclosures, Mullet’s Aluminum can provide professional selection assistance and expert installation service for your project requirements.


If you live in a condominium and are considering a balcony screen enclosure replacement, there are many options available; however some may not be appropriate for your project.  It is crucial to take the appropriate time and garner a thorough understanding of the differences in aluminum finishes (ESP, Anodized, Anodized Plus, Powder Coat and KYNAR), screen material options, fastener options (stainless, Ultra stainless steel, galvanized), anchoring and attachment details, current Florida Building code and associated option warranties.  Making a mistake in your selection process could be costly.

It is also important to select a competent, qualified and experienced contractor to perform the replacement work that also understand the importance of quality workmanship, safety, jobsite cleanliness, clean language and appropriate interaction with residents.  Mullet’s Aluminum has extensive experience with balcony screen and in-wall screen enclosures.


Sunrooms and screen enclosures are a great addition to any existing home that allows you to enjoy year round outdoor living without the hassle of mosquitos and other pesky critters.

For the “Do-it-Yourself” customers or individuals who want a beautiful enclosure that can be easily disassembled and taken with them, Mullet’s Aluminum now offers a compact sunroom and screen enclosure kit that can be shipped anywhere in the world.  The kit arrives with everything ready for installation and can be easily setup in an afternoon.  For more information, contact Mullet’s Aluminum.


For those who prefer to have unobstructed views, Mullet’s Aluminum provides a retractable screen enclosure.  If flying insects become a problem – with the push of a button – screens can be easily deployed to provide comfort while continuing to enjoy the outdoors.