For condominium and resort projects – whether new construction or replacement – Mullet’s Aluminum can provide you with a balcony screen enclosure solution with either a KYNAR, Anodized Plus or ESP finish option. 

For multi-story coastal applications, Mullet’s Aluminum recommends using a KYNAR or Anodized Plus finish that meets an AAMA 2605 standard (best finish possible and appropriate for saltwater environments).


If you live in a condominium and are considering a balcony screen enclosure replacement, there are many options available; however some may not be appropriate for your project.  It is crucial to take the appropriate time and garner a thorough understanding of the differences in aluminum finishes (ESP, Anodized, Anodized Plus, Powder Coat and KYNAR), screen material options, fastener options (stainless, Ultra stainless steel, galvanized), anchoring and attachment details, current Florida Building code and associated option warranties.  Making a mistake in your selection process could be costly.

It is also important to select a competent, qualified and experienced contractor to perform the replacement work that also understand the importance of quality workmanship, safety, jobsite cleanliness, clean language and appropriate interaction with residents.  Mullet’s Aluminum has extensive experience with balcony screen and in-wall screen enclosures.