In hurricane-prone areas, a metal roof is an attractive and best option for homes and commercial properties. In addition to reflecting sunlight and weighing less, a metal roof has greater windstorm resiliency than traditional roofing systems such as asphalt shingles or tile.  Mullet’s Aluminum offers numerous styles, colors and panel options to help achieve nearly any design in a metal roofing system. From the dramatic to the subtle, metal roofs require minimum maintenance and last virtually a lifetime.

Mullet’s Aluminum Products, Inc. represents many of the largest roofing brands in the U.S. such as:


In addition, Mullet’s Aluminum is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the MAPI Standing Seam Metal Roofing System that features an elegant Key West style and appearance.    Designed by our team of seasoned experts, the Mullet’s Aluminum MAPI Standing Seam Roofing System is built to last despite the harshest coastal and inland conditions. Our metal roofing panels are manufactured using only the highest quality, 24-gauge Galvalume and meets Florida’s product approval (#FL18525).  Although structurally durable and extremely practical for hurricane prone regions-whether located along the beach or out at the ranch-the MAPI Standing Seam Metal Roofing System will enhance the value and appearance of any property.


The perception that metal roofs are noisier than traditional roofing systems is inaccurate. This myth resulted when metal roofs were installed on barns or open structures without any insulating properties. Today’s modern metal roofs are installed over polystick under-layment or other existing building materials.  In addition to the insulation in the attic, this provides sound-proofing properties that minimize or eliminate noise from rain.

Mullet’s Aluminum is a fully insured, licensed Florida Roofing Contractor (#CCC05430) with a team of seasoned personnel.  From residential to large scale commercial projects, Mullet’s Aluminum is uniquely qualified to provide expert selection and installation assistance.