Mullet’s Aluminum Products, Inc. distributes and installs a superior line of vinyl siding, vinyl and aluminum soffit systems, aluminum fascia and seamless aluminum and custom gutters.


Collecting and redirecting rainwater away from a condominium or commercial building is essential to minimizing the erosion of soil, foundation, driveway, walkway and landscape elements. To maintain performance, integrity and appearance, Mullet’s Aluminum distributes and installs premium grade, seamless aluminum gutter systems.  A properly installed and functioning gutter system minimizes safety hazards and significantly reduces potential liability.

Seamless aluminum gutter options include a wide range of colors, diameters, downspouts, elbows, end caps, connectors and accessory items to meet your project requirements.

Mullet’s Aluminum also offers half-round, galvalume, copper and custom gutters to enhance the exterior appearance of custom home projects.


Soffit systems are installed under the roof overhang and allow airflow to move up and out through the top of a roofing system in order to provide ventilation and improve energy efficiency. For homes or condominiums in coastal areas, the installation of a vinyl soffit system – with or without an aluminum fascia – is recommended for maximum durability, performance and low maintenance requirements.  An aluminum soffit system is typically used in combination with an existing or new aluminum fascia. For a new home or renovation, aluminum or vinyl soffit systems are preferable to wood and are available in a wide variety of colors.

To enhance the appearance or maximize the performance of your home, Mullet’s Aluminum can provide product selection assistance and professional installation services.